Friday 1/12/2018

Travel day to Punta Cana - *** Check-in time is 3pm, early check-in was requested for early arrivals but this is not guaranteed.  

Upon arrival to the airport please completely exit the airport and you will find a Toast sign for your transfer to the hotel.  Do not stop at the first counters as they are for timeshare sales.  You want to completely exit the airport and pass all of the hotel desks.  

  • You can use the pool/beach while waiting to check in to your room while also storing your luggage.  The spa/gym is available to change and shower once you arrive.

Attendees are on their own for lunch

6:30pm-7:30pm:  Welcome Cocktail Reception - Poolside

7:30pm-10:00pm:  Dine-Around - Small Group Dinners

  • Sunset is between 6:40-6:45pm.
  • Open bar will be provided at Welcome Reception.  
  • This event is on the beach so casual footwear recommended. 

Saturday 1/13/2018

Morning: Activities Day.  For those who selected an activity during registration those will be taking place today.  Stay tuned for further details!


Dinner: At Leisure, attendees are on their own for dinner to enjoy any of the 7 restaurants.  There will be a sign up sheet to secure a reservation at check-in.


  • We recommend men bring long slacks and loafers if they choose to eat in the specialty restaurants.

Sunday 1/14/2018


Sunday Funday  - Casual Pool Get Together 

7:30-9:30pm Final Dinner Event Located at Gabi Beach.


Monday 1/15/2018

Travel day leaving Dominican Republic.
Toast will be providing group transport to the airport.  You will receive a departure notice at least 24 hours before your flight which provides your departure time from the hotel.  
  • Check out is 12pm, please make sure you check-out and pay the outstanding balance on your account.  You will only have additional charges on your account if you billed something outside of the all-inclusive package.  You will receive a check-out card that you must provide to the bus attendance to exit the property.